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The terms and conditions described below apply to a variety of services that Infinitive Data research offers. Additionally, they apply to any user who visits or merely makes a purchase from our website. The primary purpose of this section of the terms and conditions is to update any modifications made at the sole discretion of the Company. Our professionals strongly advise users to carefully read the Terms & Conditions listed below before entering into any transaction.

Digital communications

We will assume that you give us permission to communicate with you electronically and to send you regular notice and promotional emails to the email address you have supplied if you contact us electronically, such as by visiting our website or sending us an email. Furthermore, you acknowledge that all notices, agreements, contracts, material disclosures, and other communications that we deliver to you via our website must be in writing and addressed to the parties to whom you have granted permission to receive them.


All information featured on the Infinitive Data research website, including any images, text, audio and video clips, logos, software, data structures, and icons, are the sole property of the firm or its suppliers. International copyright laws alone provide the only protection for this content. International copyright laws also guarantee protection for all software and content utilized on our website or by its providers. By merely visiting the website, you are not authorized to copy, change, assign, resell, replicate, or engage in any other illegal activity with respect to any of the content. You are not permitted to access and use any data mining tools, bots, or similar extraction techniques to retrieve crucial information without any prior written consent through a website.


After placing an order, a user must pay in order to access any service or item on Infinitive Data research. Additionally, once the user receives confirmation of a successful payment, processing and delivery of any transaction will begin. The "No Return" policy is mandated by the company's employment component, according to the explanation provided by the company's authorities on the "Return Policy" page of the website. We are responsible for any delays or failures on your part to implement an agreement that are due to impractical considerations or unplanned events, without imposing any limitations.

Site Access & License:

We grant you a restricted, revocable license to use the website to make links to other websites. You may not allude to any situations by giving a false or poor impression of Infinitive Data research, its partners, services, or products. Any website content that includes trademarks, icons, logos, audio or video files, graphics, or may not be used without the explicit written consent of the firm. The license clearly forbids any commercial use, distribution, or resale of the website or its contents. Additionally, you are not permitted to use any data extraction tools, bits, or other techniques to collect data or to access restricted features on our website, such as pricing lists or descriptions. Users will no longer be permitted to access our website and its goods if they are found to be in violation of any of Infinitive Data research's terms and conditions at any time.

Delivery Period

As soon as a customer places an order with our sales team and we get payment instructions, we will proceed processing and dispatching the transaction. After an order has been accepted and payment has been received, the product should be electronically dispatched within 24 to 72 hours. Users ordering hard copies of a study report may suffer a delay in delivery because it's possible that the order was shipped from the APAC or the US. As a result, we encourage our clients to "Go Green" and acquire particular electronic copies.


We can instantaneously deliver the company's goods to any area on Earth by delivering a report electronically. The courier services are also available to those who desire genuine copies of their orders. In such cases, users may encounter certain challenges and pay an extra price of roughly $250.

Refund/Order Policy:

Infinitive Data research has been marketing its products utilizing an approach that is simpler to use and more portable. It also allows us to abide by their "No Return" policy. The company does not accept returns once all of the goods have been shipped out. For additional information, see the Refund Policy page on our website.

Third-party materials

We don't exert any editorial control over any of the previously published content. Instead, we act as a publisher of written content that is given to our organisation by a third party and has already been published. Any content that is published on the website reflects the diverse points of view, assertions of fact and figures, and other information of the actual author, not of a corporate representative.


Users are not allowed to hold Infinitive Data research, its employees, affiliates, suppliers, or partners responsible for any claim, including any authorized costs coming from a violation of the TOS, any infringement on the rights of third parties, or even with their connection to the website.

Federal Law:

This Company Agreement and the use of the Our Service section are governed by the laws of the State of Maharashtra in India. The user agrees to abide by all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, limitations, and obligations. It is advised that the courts in Maharashtra (India) have broad jurisdiction over any remarks, actions, or disagreements arising out of this Agreement. The exercise of individual jurisdiction in the Indian State of Maharashtra is also acknowledged and supported. No refusal or delay in granting any privilege shall constitute a withdrawal of this Agreement or of any other rights. If any of the terms of the Agreement are determined to be invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is a one-stop shop for all kinds of industrial, commercial, and successful initiatives that are on the lookout for the best market research across all industries. To meet the needs of both domestic and foreign clients, the organisation takes great pride in providing highly effective & thorough market research studies.

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  • The following are the exact descriptions of these licences: If a "Single User Licence" is purchased, just that individual will have access to a particular research report; other employees working for the same company may share it. When a "Multi User Licence" is purchased, at least 2 to 5 people from the same department within the same organisation are given access to a certain report. In contrast, buying a "Enterprise Licence" enables access to separate reports for a company-wide audience. This also involves subsidiary businesses or numerous other businesses encircled by a panel of businesses. Users can opt out of receiving promotional offers, newsletters, or any other communications from INFINITIVE DATA RESEARCH by clicking the link to unsubscribe from the mailing list that appears on each email they receive from the company.

  • You can email our staff directly at sales@infinitivedataresearch.com with any special requests you may have for the report, and they will respond with sample pages for your evaluation OR You can begin by conducting a keyword search using a phrase that is appropriate for the sector, or you can browse research by any themes or marketplaces. When relevant results appear on your screen, click the title to view the detailed product information, including a table of contents and a succinct synopsis. It is simpler to get the research report online from our website. Simply select one of the copies, such as single user, multi user, or corporate user, by clicking on the "buy now" button. In the interim, you can phone the number listed on the website for assistance or follow the instructions that show on the screen. Additionally, you can get in touch with our experts in market research. They can assist you in finding the right report to suit your needs and can also respond to any questions you may have about your search.

  • The market research studies that INFINITIVE DATA RESEARCH publishes on its official website are created by a variety of world-class publishing and research organisations.